Zero Liquid Discharge Aims To Reduce Wastewater And Produce Clean Water


In Zero Liquid Discharge applications for desalination, clean water is generated with zero discharge of liquid waste from the process. On the other hand, zero liquid discharge desalination methods are now mostly used to treat industrial waste streams and cooling water from power plants. Evaporation ponds and thermal desalination are reputable zero liquid discharge technologies. The goal of a zero liquid discharge system is to completely remove all liquid waste from a system.

Zero Liquid Discharge aims to reduce wastewater and produce clean water that can be recycled in order to save money and benefit the environment. Zero liquid discharge systems use sophisticated wastewater/desalination treatment techniques to clean and recycle almost all of the wastewater produced. ZLD technique is used to pre-treat the industrial wastewater and evaporate it till the dissolved solids crystallize.

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