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  1. Recruiting Firm

A recruiting firm is a company that recruits employees for companies. These firms have many different types of jobs they recruit for. A recruiter may work for a specific industry or type of job. There are two main ways to become a recruiter. One way is to go to school to get a degree in business administration. Another way is to take classes online to learn how to be a recruiter. Once a person becomes a recruiter he or she will then start working at a company. The first step to becoming a recruiter is getting a bachelor’s degree. After a person gets his or her degree, he or she would need to pass a test called the Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). After passing the CPRW test, a person can apply for a position as a recruiter.

  1. Job Description

The job description for a recruiter is very broad. A recruiter works for a company and helps find people who want to work for that company. He or she does this by searching for potential candidates. The recruiter looks for people who meet the requirements of the job. If a candidate meets these requirements, the recruiter will contact him or her about the job. The recruiter will ask questions to make sure the candidate is right for the job. If the candidate passes the interview, he or she will be hired. When a person is hired, he or she will start working immediately.

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  1. Salary

Salaries vary depending on where a person lives. In some states, a recruiter makes $40,000 per year. However, in California, a recruiter can make over $100,000 per year.

  1. Career Path

There are many career paths a person can choose after graduating from college. A person could choose to become a recruiter, a salesperson, or a teacher. A person could even become a lawyer if he or she wanted to.

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