Water Testing Lab in Pune – Bioscience Biotech Laboratory.


Bioscience Biotech Laboratory has a sophisticated laboratory that is well the most advanced instruments that allow us customers the most accurate quality services and analysis as per international standards. Our firm is a competent chemical analytical laboratory with the best facilities such as microbiological testing, research, and development & best water testing lab now in Pune. We also deal with soil testing, fertilizer testing, and cosmetic testing. Bioscience Biotech Laboratory is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company situated in Pune. Established in 2015 by a group of young & well-skilled persons with a passion for innovation. Our Laboratory has been able to deliver timely, precise, and accurate analytical results. Now Central government for ‘A mark Approved’ & NABL Accreditation is under process. We wish to provide the analytical requirements for water, food, soil, plants, pharmaceutical, and Agricultural samples with good quality assurance. Our lab is fully equipped with advanced lab instruments and well-experienced persons in the water, food, soil, and plant industries. Our advisory committee members are experts from industries, colleges, and National research centers in India. BBL specializes in diversified testing activities like Food & food products, Agricultural products, all types of water, Soil, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging material & Environmental pollution monitoring. Completed MSC (analytical chemistry) having 5 years of Experience in analytical development, quality control /Quality assurance. Completed M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry) having 1.5 years of Experience in water, food & Soil analysis laboratory. Completed MSC (Organic Chemistry) having 4 years of experience in Quality Management Systems. Completed M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) having 1 year of Experience in water, food & Soil analysis laboratory. Completed BSC- chemistry.

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