Top wedding dress trends of 2023


From the regular long white princess wedding dresses to the beautiful colourful wedding dresses, we’ve recently come a long way in choosing just the correct one unique to our style. Here are some trends that are making waves in the wedding dress industry, and if you are planning your wedding in the next few months, do note these budding trends below.


High-low Detachable dresses


Experience the best of both worlds with a wedding dress with a high-low hemline. Feel like a princess with the more extended gown, and also show off your exquisite shoes with the shorter length. Even better, you need not worry about buying another dress for the reception when you can simply detach the longer part and replace those heels with cutesy sneakers for your after-party dance.


Add some colour


You read that right, and you can now add a little colour to your wedding dress. Go pastel with shades like soft blue and blush, or go bold with floral prints. A beautiful white gown with a dash of coloured chicken work will make you look like a fairy.


Feather Magic


Feather details on your wedding dress will give you style and luxury simultaneously. Also, it is guaranteed to make you look like a fun-loving bride who is all in to celebrate the most important day of her life.


Go gloves for elegance.


If you are an old-school romantic, you probably already have your gloves on your mind when going your wedding dress shopping in Perth. Gloves are a perfect add-on to your gorgeous dress, making you feel like a princess. Your wedding stylist can design your gloves to match your dress perfectly. Add this to your list of wedding dress accessories when shopping in Perth.


Switch cape for a veil


Get a red carpet feel to your outfit by choosing a cape instead of a veil for your big day. Added advantage, you need to worry about messing up your hair while taking it off after the wedding ceremony. It gives just the correct dose of oomph without the heaviness. Designing a cape for your wedding dress should be easy. Discuss with your stylist when shopping for your wedding dress in Perth.


There you go, get that dress unique to your taste and style for your big day.

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