The Field Of Biophotonics Uses Light-Based Technologies To Explore Life Sciences


With photonics being the science and technology of manipulating, creating, and detecting photons, which are the quantum units of light, the word “bio photonic” combines biology and photonics. Electronics and photons are associated in photonics. Similar to how electrons are essential to electronics, photons are essential to information technologies like fiber optics. A multidisciplinary research area known as Biophotonics uses light-based technologies to investigate life sciences and medicine. It involves creating and using a light source to look for and work with biological materials.

To examine biological tissues, cells, and molecules, scientists utilize methods including spectroscopy, photo-mechanics, and fiber optic sensors that are based on see-through imaging, inside imaging, molecular spectroscopy, microscopy, analytical sensing, and biosensing solutions. The emission, detection, absorption, reflection, and modulation of radiations from biomolecules and biomaterials are made possible by these approaches. Because to this, Biophotonics has many applications in the disciplines of dentistry, medicine, agriculture, and environmental research.

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