Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip for construction, food service and other industries


Stainless steel strip is a common mill form of stainless steel that is typically stocked in three types: heat-treatable, non-heat-treatable, and pre-hardened. Slitting, edging, annealing, shearing, polishing, tempering, and other custom finishing techniques are used to shape stainless steel strip to fit specific applications. Stainless steel strip, which is typically formed into coil, can also be formed into shapes such as channels, frames, trim, and angles.

Other uses for Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip include catalytic converters, building materials, compressor valves, hospital equipment, cutting tools, consumer appliances, and electronic enclosures. Stainless steel strip is commonly used in industries such as telecommunications, medical, aerospace, construction, automotive, electronics, petrochemical, and food processing.

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