Secret about 613 blonde human hair wigs


More and more customers are trying colored wigs now, which is one of the most popular styles related to honey blonde hair. I’d like to introduce this wig to you today, hoping to help you.

What is a 613 wig

613 Blonde hair is a wig with a unique color. Very bright. Young girls like it very much. This color can make a girl a real Barbie or princess.

Features of 613 gold lace wig

  1. Free form
    Thanks to the large size of 613 golden lace front wig, you can style your hair in any style you want. It usually adopts a silk hairstyle, medium hairstyle or any part of hairstyle. You can even tie your hair in a ponytail.
  2. Breathable and comfortable
    At the same time, the golden lace front wig has strong softness, good air permeability and long service life, giving you a real wearing experience.
  3. Suitable for all skin colors
    Golden wig 613 can match many skin tones. People of all skin colors can wear this human hair lace wig, because the front of 613 wig has a translucent lace, which is suitable for all skin colors.
    Two most popular styles of 613 Wigs
  4. 613 gold front lace wig
    It is always the most popular 613 wig style. The whole hairline and natural appearance of the front wig always meet the needs of customers. 100% high-quality 10A female hair, bringing you 100% natural beauty effect. Soft texture, no entanglement, no flow.
  5. 613 blonde bob wig
    613 Blonde bob wigs need less maintenance, fewer products and less installation time. Bob wigs will also be cheaper and more breathable.

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