Rustic Radha-Krishna Brass Statue


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Rustic Radha-Krishna Brass Statue
Rustic Radha-Krishna Brass Statue

A rich proportion of detail has been infused into the Krishna statue. The symmetrical layers of their attire; the bit of peacock plumage in His hair; the gracious stance of their limbs and the expressive composure of their respective countenance. Finely carved crowns sit on both heads; in Radha’s case, the wavy masses that descend from underneath it frame the kundalas in her earlobes. The figures are poised on a rough-hewn pedestal with minimal attempts to adornment or pretense. A portrayal that is simple, almost basic, and downright rustic. The Radha-Krishna Brass Statue captures the imagination of devotees and artisans alike, to which the twin sculpture that you see on this page is no exception. Fashioned from brass and finished with a serrated texture, this would make for an unusual yet tasteful addition to your space. The handsome lovers are in bliss in each other’s company – while He plays on the flute, she dances gracefully next to Him.

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