Revealed: 5 Brilliant Tips to Turn Transatlantic Flights into Joyous Experience



Even frequent flyers will feel the effects of being trapped in an airborne metal tube for long periods of time. Long flights can be tedious, unpleasant, and exhausting, no matter how short they are.

Long-haul travel has its own set of problems. From annoying seatmates to dangerous deep-vein embolisms, which can lead to a lot of discomfort, it can also be boring and exhausting. However, long haul travel does not have to be uncomfortable. These are some useful tips that will make your economy feel first-class, or at the very least more enjoyable.

If you are traveling from the USA to Europe for the first time and feel rather nervous because of the upcoming transatlantic flight, this article will help you to find peace of mind and enjoy your flight as much as possible. In the meanwhile, you can check out ETIAS website for updated EU travel requirements and regulations.


Always Have a Sweat-Shirt with You

A jacket, sweatshirt, or fleece is the best thing to bring on long-haul flights. A sweater or coat is a must for any flight. The temperatures on planes can vary from extremely hot to extremely cold.

You can only do so much when it is hot. However, a sweater can help with the chills. If you are on a long flight, planes don’t usually have extra blankets. If you arrive on a full flight without any blankets, the plane will freeze so you’ll need to snuggle up with your fellow passengers and one blanket.


Get Ready for Some Sleep

It’s possible to be on the plane for as long as a day or more, so you’ll want to bring some essentials for long-haul flights. To make your sleep more comfortable, you can start with a lightweight blanket. You can also invest in an excellent travel pillow. Don’t forget that 349 other passengers have a good sleeping mask and earplugs. You’ll feel fresher upon landing if you have basic toiletries like a toothbrush and toothpaste. For more information on how little luxury can make your trip more enjoyable, read our article on Making economy feel like first class.


Bring Some Snacks for Yourself

Long-haul flights will provide food, but not when or what you expect. Traveling through time zones can mean that you end up eating breakfast at dinner and curry or noodles first thing in the morning. You can keep yourself satiated while you wait for the food trolley to ring.

To help you cope with jetlag, choose healthy carb-rich foods like wholegrain bread or oatmeal. Protein-rich snacks are another healthy snack option. You can also pack cheese, yogurt, and protein bars. These will boost your energy levels and help you feel fuller for longer.


Always Have a Plan B for Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment system is not always reliable. Sometimes they fail and you’ll be happy to have something to keep you busy when they do.

It’s a simple decision, but it is important to bring enough magazines, books, and movies so you don’t have to rely on the in-flight movie or spend $5 on headphones. It is essential to read material as you won’t be able to use your electronics or watch movies for at least one hour after takeoff and landing.


Choose Good Seats in Advance

It is important to plan ahead and select a comfortable seat whenever possible. When choosing the best seats in the airplane, you can stick to some simple rules.

  • Exit rows are a better option if you need more legroom.
  • Avoid crying children by staying away from the front of a plane. This is where special provisions for babies are often found on international flights.
  • You will need an aisle seat if you are a person who likes to move around the plane or has quick access to the toilets.

Some airlines may require you to wait up to two days before your flight. However, it is best to go online as soon as possible to ensure that you get the exact seat that you desire.



Long-distance travelers, be prepared: Some commercial airlines have made it a point to prohibit passengers from spending too much time in the air. It is possible to fly from JFK to Singapore in a single flight in an 18-hour and 40-minute flight. This is one of the longest scheduled passenger flights around the world.

It is quite a time to be in the air and can cause confusion. In addition to the lengthy flight times, passengers will land in Australia two days after taking off. However, ambitious travelers need to be prepared to endure long-haul flights in order to see the world. Anyone who has ever flown to China or South Africa and Australia know that the flight times are often double-digits.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for business or pleasure; there isn’t much you can do that will make a long-haul flight enjoyable. However, in this article we tried to bring the best tips to make your long-haul flights survivable.

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