Pilates Reformer for Hire Australia


Pilates Reformer for Hire Australia, Sydney’s largest range of Pilates Reformers and Equipment, specializes in quality products at wholesale prices. Fit-out your professional studio or home gym with some of the most popular Pilates brands in the Australian market! Sydney-based warehouse and showroom that offers click and collect and delivery.

Do Pilates on a reformer from the comfort of your home. Your hunt for the Pilates Reformer for Hire Australia ends now. Try our Pilates reformers today.

Motion Pilates Reformer Package

The Motion Pilates reformer has set the standard for pilates equipment with its latest design concepts and outstanding performance, allowing users to maximise their results and gain even greater control over their workouts. The new footbar and springbar systems allow for greater customisation and precision while being easy to adjust, minimising interruptions to your workout and allowing you to maintain the flow of your exercises and routines.

The rail structure system provides a rock solid yet smooth carriage ride and offers greater frame stability and the option to extend or limit the carriage range of motion is on offer with the use of multiple holes for carriage stoppers along the frame. With a beautifully unique Canadian maplewood design, the reformer is provided with a lighter coloured finish and paired with the black upholstery and attachments, the overall aesthetic is yet to be matched within the industry.

Kauffer Pilates Standard Reformer

Kauffer Pilates™ specialises in providing innovative and well refined Pilates equipment suited for commercial and professional environments as well as private use. Their range of equipment are commonly the feature pieces of any Pilates studio and boast an incredible aesthetic that has the material quality to match. The companies forward thinking approach to manufacturing also ensures that the fine timber used in their equipment is reforested, allowing the design to be sustainably sourced and produced.

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