Pesticide Adjuvants Keep Pesticides In Place And Prevent Them From Being Washed Away By Rain Or Irrigation


Stickers and spreaders: Stickers and spreaders are adjuvants that are used to improve the adherence and spread of pesticides. Stickers are used to help the pesticide stick to the plant surface, while spreaders help to distribute the pesticide evenly across the surface. These adjuvants can help to improve the efficacy of pesticides by ensuring that they stay in place and are not washed away by rain or irrigation.


Compatibility agents: Compatibility agents are Pesticide Adjuvants that are used to improve the compatibility of different pesticides that are mixed together. They can help to prevent the formation of clumps or sedimentation, which can reduce the effectiveness of the pesticide. Compatibility agents can also help to ensure that the different components of the pesticide remain stable and do not separate over time.

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