NDIS Plan Management Services in Sydney


The choice of Luve and Care NDIS Plan Management Services in Sydney to be your official NDIS Plan Management service provider will ensure that your NDIS funds will be handled by trustworthy people who are focused on your needs. The firm we work in partnership with has an NDIS-approved service provider of plan administration with a long-standing experience. NDIS Plan Management Services in Sydney, We take the time to get to know you and understand what you want and need so you’re sure that you’re receiving the best service services for you.

What is NDIS Management of the NDIS plan?

If you’re an NDIS member, you’re in complete control of the way your money is managed. The money you receive is given to you by NDIS in accordance with your personal circumstances and requirements for the support and services that you require. The money is used to help you achieve the goals that are set out in your plan.

There are three choices to manage you NDIS funds. You may choose to transfer your funds to an account controlled by NDIA. National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and you’re capable of managing your own budget (self-managed) or partner with a registered non-profit NDIS Plan Manager, such as Luve and Care NDIS Plan Services. We provide a comprehensive overview of the options below.

The partnership between Luve as well as care NDIS Plan Services as your NDIS Plan Management provider will allow you to maintain the reins on your support services without requiring complex management and recording. If you’re not familiar with the NDIS or don’t know the kinds of support and services that are that are available in the area you live in Luve and care NDIS Plan Services helps to offer the most efficient assistance for you. They also provide information that is tailored to your individual requirements and needs.

In addition, we also manage the transactions of various businesses in your name. We work directly with NDIS Maintain a record of your expenses and give suggestions for utilizing your budget. We also keep you informed of your expenses with regular updates in languages you are able to understand.

Making sense of your choices

Plan Management is required to maintain track of your NDIS funding. You can choose to manage your own plan, which means you have to keep the records of all receipts and fill out online forms on the NDIS portal to pay for service providers and monitor your budget. Another option is to make the NDIA responsible for your account for you. This means that you can select only those approved by the NDIA but it’s not always the most cost-effective or preferred method of making use of your money.

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