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Caura is a renowned NDIS Provider in Liverpool of disability support services, which focuses on your capabilities in each service we offer. We’re dedicated to being the shoulder you be able to lean on, and offering truthful advice regarding your loved ones’ needs during this time of stress. Caura NDIS Parramatta ethics and values were based on the base of care, guidance education, and living.

Caura was founded in the year 2019 it has since grown to become one of the most prominent suppliers of disability, and aged care support services within its field. We provide assistance to a variety of clients with different needs and needs. We’re a trusted business partner and an approved NDIS provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and proudly sponsored by Service NSW as a Work and Development Order Sponsor. Caura is both government-funded via an arrangement with the NDIS, Department of Communities and Justice and privately supported by the Department of Communities and Justice, as well as privately. Our staff has the experience and expertise to fulfill your support requirements. We’re there for you whenever you require assistance, just call us any time, at any time and we’ll be there. You can rest assured that your loved one or someone you love is in good care of Caura. We’re registered for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and a proud sponsor of Service NSW as a WDO patron.

Our Purpose

Caura is aware of your talents and will help you recognize them. We understand that each person requires different guidance, attention, and training to achieve their full potential and enjoy a better life.

Person-Centered Approach

Caura uses a person-centered model throughout all support services. A person-centered approach includes listening, sharing thoughts with others, coaching, sharing ideas, and soliciting feedback.
This is a continuous process to ensure that each person is supported in achieving their own goals, even when they change and grow. as we work together towards them. The goal is to comprehend the needs of each person and the requirements to live a personal, ideal life.

Active Support

Active Support empowers those with disabilities to complete things on their own when they are able and not rely on staff members acting on their behalf. Caura can tailor your support to every person based on the needs of each individual. For instance, if a person doesn’t require assistance in showering, or is following Active Support, the support staff will help the disabled person to manage this for themselves.

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