Lung Capacity Is Measured By A Spirometer


After surgery, it’s crucial to use your incentive Spirometer. Exercises for deep breathing and coughing should also be performed. Any mucus in your lungs will be helped to relax and rise as a result. Maintaining lung function while you’re recovering will help you avoid lung infections like pneumonia (noo-MOH-nyuh).

Use your incentive Spirometer away from other people if you have a respiratory infection that is still present. An infection in your nose, throat, or lungs, such as pneumonia or COVID-19, is referred to as a respiratory infection. Via the air, this form of virus can pass from person to person. When you use your spirometer to breathe in and out, it can spread to someone nearby. You must configure your incentive spirometer before using it for the first time. Stretch out the flexible (bendable) tubing after removing it from the bag. After that, join the tubing to the base’s outlet on the right side. The opposite end of the tubing is connected to the mouthpiece.

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