Liquid Packaging Also Reduces Carbon And Greenhouse Gas Emissions


A multi-ply paper machine with online coating is used to manufacture a board for Liquid Packaging that may have five plies total. Use of three plies and a basic weight of roughly 300 g/m2 is the most typical type. The foundation or middle ply is typically made of CTMP, broke (waste paper from a paper machine), or bleached or unbleached chemical pulp pulp. Brick and gable top cartons are two different types of packages that employ liquid packaging board.

In order to prevent spills, barrier coatings that prevent flavour from the contents from transferring to the paperboard are coupled with virgin paper fibre to create Liquid Packaging board, which is a packaging product specifically made for containing liquids. The barrier covering also shields the product from any environmental harm. The packaging method is stiffened by the high stiffness qualities of the employed paper.

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