Large Wooden Goddess Lakshmi Statue


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Large Wooden Goddess Lakshmi Statue
Large Wooden Goddess Lakshmi Statue

The serene Wooden Lakshmi Devi is seated in lalitasana. Her throne is a gigantic lotus in full bloom. At the base of this lotus-shaped throne is another lotus bloom of more realistic proportions. On its belly cradles the foot of Laxmi Mata’s pendant limb. The posterior of her four arms bear lotuses, while Her anterior hands are in the mudras of aashirvada (blessing) and Abhaya (fearlessness).

This is the traditional iconography of Goddess Lakshmi. A perfectly circular aureole frames her slender seated figure. At the zenith of this aureole is the spine-chilling face of Kirtimukham. On either side of the Kirtimukham motif is a pair of elephant (‘gaja’) heads with the trunks raised. This earns her the epithet of Gajalakshmi.

A deep, dark, solemn composition in monotone. The soft yet sturdy wood medium is given an earth-colored burning with minimal gradient detail (halo, the naked surface areas of Lakshmi Mata’s skin, and the inner circumference of the prabhavali). A rich proportion of engravings characterizes each aspect of this gorgeous Maa Lakshmi sculpture.

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