Large Superfine Marble Lord Karttikeya-Murugan


Kumara, Karttikeya, Skanda, – the divine ever-youthful, firstborn son of Shiva and Parvati is hailed in the Hindu pantheon as the destroyer of Tarakasur, the head of Indra’s celestial army and the god of war. Born from the essence of Shiva, cradled by Agni, supported by the mother-goddess Ganga and nurtured by the six Krittikas, Karttikeya is the manifestation of the powerful supreme yogic potency.

This grand white marble Karttikeya murti is based on the idols of the god found in the shrines across southern India, where he is lovingly called “Subramanyama” or “Murugan”. He is the great Brahmachari-  the celibate one, one who knows the secrets that lie in the “Brahma-nada”- the primordial sound “Aum”, which he teaches to his father, the Adi-Yogi, Shiva himself.

Marble Lord Karttikeya-Murugan
Marble Lord Karttikeya-Murugan

The warrior god in this magnificent white marble statue appears as a young commander-in-chief, owing to the fact that he took to the battlefield only seven days after his birth, defeated the demon Taraka, and relived the gods of his menace. The “Vel” or spear in his hand is infused with the powers of Devi Parvati herself, accompanied by which Kumara conquered not just Taraka, but every evil force he ever encountered.

The luster of the white marble is justifying the heavenly beauty of Kumara, who stands in the “Sampada-sthanaka” posture, with his body weight evenly distributed on both legs. innocent and exquisite, his face is framed by the crown that Murugan wears, matched in artistic grace by his ornaments- delineated using a golden paint that complements the charm of the young warrior. The garland that adorns him as well as the one that forms a floral aureole, are carved in a rounded manner, giving them a realistic appearance. The white dhoti that Kumara wears has its folds highlighted with symmetrical lines interspersed with a golden finish and curling frills on each side that adds to the deific feel of this marble murti.

Two-armed Karttikeya in his alluring marble statue holds a spear in one hand, while the other rests on his waist, in the “Katihastha” mudra. With an angelic countenance and perfectly balanced use of pleasing shades of pink, yellow, and golden against the flawlessly smooth white marble, Lord Murugan in this idol is the definition of the righteous hero, the one who does not frighten but protects.

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