Large Goddess Mahakali – Black Marble Statue


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Goddess Mahakali - Black Marble Statue
Goddess Mahakali – Black Marble Statue

Mahakali, or the great (‘maha’) Kali, is the omnipotent Roopa (form) of Devi Kali. As a manifestation of the wife of Shiva, the otherwise serene Devi Parvati, the wrath of the Kali Goddess knows no bounds. The Kali statue that you see on this page captures the wrathful aspect of the Hindu Mother Goddess with perfection.

To begin with, the medium is a jet black marble. It is an expressive, all-absorbing color. The soft, pliant medium brings out every line and curve of Her musculature, revealing the unsurpassable beauty of the fecund feminine form. Masses of thick, black hair frame the chaturbhujadharini form of the Mother Mahakali.

Mahakali Maa stands on the supine form of Her husband, signaling that none – not even the great Shiva – is above Her. It is a monotone composition with a washed-out limestone finish in some places and deep luster in others. Both the composure of Mahakali Devi’s countenance and the stance of Her body convey dynamism.

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