Laboratory Fume Hood Market Set for Rapid Growth and Trend, by 2022-2028


Fume hoods are ventilated enclosures that remove hazardous chemical fumes, particulates, and volatile vapours from the laboratory, protecting personnel from inhalation or absorption of hazardous chemicals as well as other health problems. By safely removing hazardous or toxic fumes, vapours, or dust from the immediate working environment, the fume hood reduces exposure to these substances. It also protects the sample from the outside environment. Biological safety cabinets (also known as biosafety cabinets) use HEPA filters to protect the environment, personnel, and products. To protect the environment and personnel while performing sample preparation and experimentation, they capture impure fumes and recirculate or exhaust filtered air. A Laboratory Fume Hood Market is a site-built chemical hood used to contain processes such as scale-up or pilot testing.

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