Kumari -The Tantric Goddess Wooden statues


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The episode of the battle of the great goddess and the demon Raktabija as mentioned in the Vamana Purana describes the powerful expansions of the Adi-Shakti, which took the form of warring goddesses, each one of them originating from the other, assisting the Adi Devi Durga in slaying the demon. These goddesses came to be known as Sapta-Matrikas, “seven mothers”, and are associated with the male deities as their prime potencies. Kaumari or Karttikeyani, beautifully presented in this wooden statue, is the female counterpart of Kumara, also known as Karttikeya, the commander-in-chief of the army of the gods.

Kaumari – The Tantric Goddess Wooden Statues

According to Puranic sources, Devi Kaumari originated from the goddess Lalita. As seen in this divine wooden statue of Kaumari, the goddess is eternally youthful, yellow complexioned, and clad in godly fineries. Though often evoked and mentioned in the context of war with Raktabija, alongside goddess Durga and with Andhakasur alongside Rudra-Shiva, this wooden statue of Kaumari visualizes her as a peaceful goddess, devoid of any signs of her relation with the Matrikas that drink the blood of the demons to stop them from multiplying. This Devi Kaumari Wooden Statue presents her seated on a gorgeously carved lotus, which is placed on the top of a two-tiered lotus-shaped pedestal. Among the mother-goddesses, Kaumari is the sovereign guide who leads the devotee into the deep cave of her own heart, where resides the cosmic consciousness- the ultimate truth, the “Brahamana”.

The careful addition of colors to the wooden representation of Devi Kauamri has brought a vibrant feel to the statue, highlighting the exquisite presence of the eternally youthful aspect of the divine feminine through an interplay of eye-catching hues.

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