Intrathecal Pumps Are Different From the Epidural Catheters That Women Receive During Labour


The epidural catheters that women receive during labor are distinct from intrathecal pumps. There are some variances even though both pumps deliver painkillers directly to your spine’s nerves.

You will undergo surgery to install your intrathecal pump if you and your doctor believe it is best for you. Your nurse will provide you with more details on your procedure and instruct you on how to prepare.

Having an MRI will stop your Intrathecal Pumps from functioning for a brief period of time, though, so yes. Even when it is stopped, it could emit an alarm. Immediately following the MRI, or shortly thereafter, the pump should function normally. Tell the MRI technician if you’re using an intrathecal pump if you’re having the procedure done.

The healthcare professional will then insert a second, more flexible tube (catheter) into the first one to advance it farther into the intrathecal area. For a few days, pain medication is given through this tube to see if it lessens your pain.

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