In Order To Repair Bone Defects, Bone Grafts And Substitutes Offer A Wide Range Of Mechanical And Biological Properties


Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that involves using bone from another area of the patient’s body or a cadaver to fill in gaps or defects in the bones. The bone may come from the patient’s own body, a cadaver, or a synthetic bone substitute. Bone Graft And Substitutes is used to repair bone fractures, to replace bone lost to injury or disease, and to fuse bones together to improve stability and strength. There are several types of bone grafting procedures, each with its own specific indications and advantages. Autografts, or grafts taken from the patient’s own body, are the most commonly used type of bone graft. These grafts are typically taken from the iliac crest, tibia, or fibula, and are considered to be the gold standard for bone grafting. The advantages of autografts include their ability to form new bone, their lack of rejection, and their decreased risk of infection.

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