How to improve bonding in your relationship in the absence of intercourse?


Whether you have been dating someone or living with a partner, you might be seeking better ways to improve the relationship with your female companion.  Unlike romantic comedies or holiday love stories in which everything is resolved after a single conflict, maintaining a healthy relationship in the absence of healthy intercourse is challenging for the smooth functioning of a relationship. We are listing some useful tips which will bring couples close to each other.

Whether you are in the early stages of your relationship or six years later, there is always a scope to grow closer with your partner, Try Kamagra UK. Learning how to improve intimacy and closeness in a relationship can be a lifelong pursuit.

Bonding with your partner increases out of shared interests, hobbies or experiences.  Learning to grow closer with your partner may bring you a step further into growing your connection and love with them.

Seven important steps to improve your relationship with your partner

  1. Express Curiosity and Interest

After staying together for some time, couples talk less to each other and ask fewer open ended questions. To improve friendship and emotional connection, they must update their knowledge of their partner and ask open ended questions.

  1. Try Emotional calls to connect with your partner

Emotional calls are small efforts to connect with your life partner.  To improve bonding with your partner, just notice your partner’s endeavor to connect with you. Always respond to the calls of your partner by showing that you care for them.

  1. Always express appreciation for your partner

Acknowledging the contribution of your partner and saying thank you is not only an act of kindness but also a step towards a deeper bonding. Experts are of the opinion that appreciation is more nuanced than that. A daily dose of appreciation can help couples to come closer.

  1. Try to make eye contact

After living as a couple for several years, it has been found that couples aren’t staring into each other eyes as they used at the beginning of their relationship. Hence, working more towards eye contact can be a major boost in terms of bonding.  It has been observed that partners bond well with each other if they maintain an eye contact while communication, especially if they are discussing something important regarding their needs, experiences and feelings.

  1. Keep your phone down

It is advisable to keep your phone in silent mode as long as you are taking with your partner, you can just lead by example by just avoiding the use of phones during dinner time or during an intimate discussion. Slowly, you will realize that these moments are great opportunities to bond.

6 Physical Touch

Having a strong physical connection is vital, but physical touch shouldn’t be restricted to sexual intimacy between you and your partner. Physical touch facilitates bonding between the partners when they are going out, watching a movie together or cooking together. Practicing this regularly will improve bonding between the couples.

  1. Create Rituals Together

Creating rituals of connection will ensure that both you and your partner are constantly building their connection, even after being in a hectic life. Even a slight change in your daily rituals can grow your fondness and love for each other.  Having a coffee together and going on for long walks after putting their kids to sleep will really level up your existing connection.  Men with flaccid erection can also restore their erectile strength and enjoy fun filled love making act with Aurogra 100 mg tablets.

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