How to Fix a Leaking Double Handle Kitchen Faucet



If your faucet is leaking, you may be able to repair the problem yourself by following these simple steps. To remove the faucet handle, turn the screw counterclockwise. You can then unscrew the faucet stem and turn the cartridge to reverse the flow of hot and cold water. You can buy replacement parts at home improvement stores or hardware stores. You will need to remove the plastic cover over the handle to gain access to the threads. Using a flathead screwdriver or a knife, loosen the small hex screw.

Open the handle

If you can’t find the shutoff valve under your sink, try turning the main shutoff valve. Open the faucet fully to release the water pressure in the lines and let it drain out. The handle might have setscrews on its side or rear. To open the handle, remove the decorative cap. Remove the lever to gain access to the setcrew. In some cases, a washerless cartridge may be necessary.

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Need a small screwdriver

If you are able to get to the spring and the seat, you can try replacing them. You will need a small screwdriver and some patience to replace these parts. Make sure to label the pieces and keep them separated and in the proper order. Once you have removed the cartridge and the washer, you can replace them with new ones. Make sure to replace the spring and the seat as well. After you have replaced the parts, you can replace the faucet by turning it off.

Fortunately, there are inexpensive replacement parts available for single handles. If you can’t afford to buy new faucet parts, consider replacing the cartridge with a new one. Oftentimes, Nivito Kitchen Faucet have plastic tabs that fit into a notch on the faucet body. You can also apply a waterproof grease on the O-rings of the spouts to ensure smooth motion.


First, remove the decorative cap from the faucet handle. This cap hides the screw holding the handle to the body of the faucet. You can pry this cap upwards using a flathead screwdriver. Then unscrew the handle screw using a Phillips or hex wrench. Afterwards, you can remove the handle. Be careful not to bang on the faucet as you may damage the internal parts.

Replace the O-rings

Another common cause of leaking faucets is worn O-rings. You can remove the handle or other parts and check the spout for a leak. Replace the O-rings with new ones if necessary. You can get replacement parts at any hardware store. Make sure to bring the old O-rings with you, because they are likely to wear out with use. When you replace the O-rings, make sure to apply plumber’s grease.

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Locate the water

If you cannot locate the water main, you can find the water valve or cartridge under the spout. The leak will often start small and can be easily missed. To identify if the leak is the handle, you can test by placing a dry towel underneath the spout. If the towel is wet, the faucet is leaking. If you see a puddle or a small amount of water on the plate, the problem is the faucet’s handle.

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