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Force Response is a top provider of premium customized Security Services in Melbourne, Australia for personnel, and products. FRS has reputable security and guarding department with highly trained and certified experts with years of experience within the security business. Security services include security control, Hire Security Guards Victoria for crowds, mobile patrols private security guards building security, corporate concierge, and event security. The use of our guards and security staff for corporate clients is customized to the specific needs of each client contract plans for service delivery to meet the requirements as well as the expectations of the clients the company is serving. Force Response Security (FRS) is an Australian-owned, Victorian-based certified security company with more than 35 years of expertise. They do this through high-quality management, ingenuity professional training, and superior service delivery.

Force Response Security (FRS) is an Australian-owned, Victorian-based certified security company with more than 35 years of expertise. Force Response Security is a prominent provider of top-quality custom-designed protection services, staff, and products that are delivered by high-quality management, ingenuity skilled training, and outstanding service delivery. As a growing firm, we adopt an approach that is multi-service, making sure that our customers receive the best quality of customer care and services to provide the best security solutions across all markets that include government, educational, commercial, residential, industrial, financial, Events & Recreation, Arts, events & Recreation, and Health.

How We Thrive

The people are the foundation of our operations within FRS. Our approach and philosophy are centered around our employees – professionals of high caliber who have the knowledge and experience to come up with creative solutions to our clients’ issues. As a company is only as efficient as the people we employ. Our top priorities at FRS are the safety and health of its employees as well as clients. For more details on our standards that are professionally certified, you can read more. Our goal is to create a supportive and challenging work environment that employees are able to realize and realize their full potential.

Certification & Compliance

FRS acknowledges the significance of solid quality assurance processes and guidelines. We are dedicated to maintaining and achieving Australian or international recognition across our entire business. Our quality management systems have been approved in accordance with AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008. The system is periodically examined by an auditor from a third party, QAS International, to verify the system’s compliance with ISO certification standards as well as to provide direction on improvements to the system. The Quality Management System Manual guides the company in the provision of quality to our clients by providing details on the operating procedures, capturing controls, plans the responsibilities, communication, and evaluations.

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