Handmade Calligraphic Harp Watercolor Painting On Paper


Calligraphy is the art of forming lovely symbols with the swift movements of our hands. In this Calligraphic Painting, Kailash Raj breaks the religious barriers to create a sophisticated yet astoundingly beautiful Arabic calligraphy. The splendid chirography is gorgeously etched with charcoal black paint over the thick paper canvas. A vibrant mihrab arch over the sheet is blessed with amazing colors that twitch into lovely patterns and motifs which are filled with breathtaking royal blue and baby pink hues to please the spectators’ vision.

Calligraphic Harp Watercolor Painting
Calligraphic Harp Watercolor Painting

Encapsulating all the distinct details, the calligraphy takes shape of a musical harp as it embellishes itself with the Arabic melody, written to recall the Muslim God, Allah, and their last Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). The elegant lines extend in symmetry with henna-like designs and diacritic symbols that are complimented with the distinguished brush strokes, caressing the surface with the bewitchment of the superficial and fantabulous handwriting.

It takes the onlookers on a journey of discovering the hidden truth behind the remarkably carved language that seems outlandish to them. It turns out to be a perfect match for your living room walls as it hangs over gracefully, contrasting with achromatic neutral colors and enhancing the beauty of your house as well as your soul, along with the continuous shower of blessings and bounties for the owner.

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