Gold Coast BMW Mechanics Ashmore


Gold Coast BMW Mechanics Ashmore – Pinnakle Mechanics. Services most European & Asian brands, specializing in German performance vehicles. we do service most European and Japanese brands. Pinnakle Mechanics workshop and BMW Repair in Gold Coast is well equipped to accommodate a range of repairs. When you bring your prized possession to us, you can expect the highest quality of service and a full guarantee backing all of our repairs. We take the time to explain the work required and look for the best possible solutions to get you back on the road safely. Every problem has a solution and we will give you our honest assessment before we proceed with any additional work.

Mechanical Repairs

We are transparent in everything we perform and take the time to explain you the essence of the repair. We pride ourselves with the attention to detail and care that goes into the repair of your car. Our most often performed repairs are:

Oil leak eliminations
Cooling sytem repairs
Engine fault detections and eliminations
Engine rough running and misfires
Suspension repairs
Clutch replacement
Timing & drive-belt replacements
Major engine repairs

Logbook Service

BMW Logbook Service in Gold Coast by Pinnkale Mechanics. We provide Logbook services for all German automobiles. When you have your car maintained with Pinnakle Mechanics, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be provided with professional and top quality service. Every service includes a complete diagnostics and a report to ensure that you are completely aware of the condition of your vehicle. Our safety is our primary priority! We provide service to all German vehicles as well as our shop is equipped to handle the majority of Japanese and European automobiles.

Brake Service

BMW Brake Service in Gold Coast by Pinnakle Mechanics. BMW repair specialists located in Gold Coast offer the BMW Brake repair Services. Monitoring and reporting on the state of your brakes is regular part of your logbook maintenance but if your vehicle isn’t stopping as it did in the past, or the steering wheel shakes when stopping or you notice odd sounds while breaking, take your vehicle at our shop located in Ashmore to undergo a health examination. Each brake service does not just with the replacement of the component, but also the entire brake system inspection. Additionally, every two years it is suggested to change the brake fluid, regardless of mileage, to avoid a decline in stopping power and the corrosion of the brakes.

Battery Services

You need to ensure your vehicle has a solid battery that won’t leave you hanging. At Pinnakle Mechanics, we actually look at you battery wellbeing free of charge. We supplant and supply your new battery and reuse your old battery. We reset your frameworks after battery substitution and do indicative sweep while supplanting your battery.

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