Goddess Lakshmi Seated On Throne Tanjore Painting With Teakwood Frame


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The irresistibly beautiful Lakshmi is seated on a blooming pink lotus. She is clad in a scarlet-colored saree, densely embroidered with gold. With streams of emeralds and rubies about her, every curve – neck and hip and wrists – the wife of Vishnu is the most sumptuously dressed Devi of the Hindu pantheon, as depicted in this Lakshmi Thanjavur Painting.

Lakshmi Seated On Throne Tanjore Painting
Lakshmi Seated On Throne Tanjore Painting

This is because she is the presiding deity over plenitude and resources, including wealth. A vessel heaped with gold lies at the base of her throne. In Her posterior hands, the chaturbhujadharini wield golden lotuses; while the anterior hands are gathered in the mudras of blessing and fearlessness. She is flanked by a pair of gajas (elephants).

Note the sheer proportion of layered gold in this Tanjore Painting. It brings out the beauty of her fair, straight-gazed face. In addition, each gesso worked section – the jewels on her torso, the embroidery on her saree, and the richly detailed crown as well as the backdrop – has been distinguished and executed with the finest skill.

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