Fluting Krishna’s Black Marble Statue In Cosmic All Attractive Form


Black marble- the lustrous dark stone is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful materials used in the making of idols of Hindu gods and goddesses. Its sturdiness and mysterious shine bring the residents of the heavens to the simple abode of us humans. Though suitable for all kinds of statues and images, the manner in which black marble is used in this enchanting Sri Krishna idol is mesmerizing.

Resonating with his beauty in the devotional poetry of the Vaishnava poets, Krishna is like a dark cloud, full of life-affirming rain, ready to shower His devotees with His benevolent love. Against the black marble statue body of Krishna, the floral Vaijayanti Mala looks no less than the vibrant rainbow that appears in the sky, complementing the dark allure of the nimbus clouds.

Fluting Krishna's Black Marble Statue
Fluting Krishna’s Black Marble Statue

With perfect symmetry, the artist has sculpted the angelic limbs of Sri Krishna- his hands and fingers graceful, his shoulders and legs robust, his posture regal. The realistic delineation of the folds of Krishna’s scarf and the dhoti that hangs from his right leg is breathtaking.

A boyish charm is spread across Sri Krishna’s face- his eyes full of life and his lips curved in a pleasing smile, enough to arrest the imagination. The statue of Krishna is placed on a cube-shaped platform, modern addition to the imagery of sitting Krishna, while his foot rests on an open lotus pedestal attached to the platform.

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