E-Prescribing Consists Of Creating Digital Prescriptions For Patients Through A Website


Electronic prescribing, also known as E-Prescribing, is the process of creating digital prescriptions for patients using a web-based or cloud-based technology. The process of creating and sending precise prescription orders to a hospital-based or independent pharmacy is computer-based. E-prescription software can manage medications according to a patient’s medical history, refill prescriptions for them automatically, and link with an EMR system.

It offers a number of advantages over conventional manual prescriptions, including better patient safety and healthcare quality, reduced chances of drug errors and prescription document loss, and more ease of use for medical professionals. A technical framework called E-Prescribing, often known as electronic prescribing, enables doctors and other healthcare professionals to write and submit prescriptions to a participating pharmacy in an electronic format as opposed to utilising written prescriptions.

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