E-Passport And E-Visa Market Status and Trend Report 2030


Global E-Passport and E-Visa: An Overview

The global E-passport and E-visa market is set to record a 6.30% CAGR and value at 40.10 Billion during the forecast period of 2022-2030

What are E-Passports and E-Visas?

An e-passport is a traditional passport with an embedded microprocessor chip that stores biometric information such as facial recognition data, fingerprints, and a digital signature. This technology provides more secure identification and reduces the risk of identity theft. E-passports also contain a unique identification number that links the traveler to their personal information in government databases.

An e-visa, on the other hand, is an electronic version of a visa that is stored in a database rather than being physically stamped onto the traveler’s passport. E-visas are obtained online and provide a more secure and efficient process for obtaining visas as they eliminate the need for paper-based documentation and in-person applications.

How do E-Passports and E-Visas Work?

E-passports and e-visas work by storing personal and biometric data in a microprocessor chip or database. This data is then matched with the traveler’s identity through a facial recognition or biometric scanning process. This technology provides greater security and reduces the risk of identity theft by ensuring that the person being identified matches the information stored in the passport or visa database.

E-Passports and E-Visas in Practice

Many countries have already implemented e-passports and e-visas. The European Union, for example, introduced e-passports in 2005 and e-visas in 2010. The United States introduced e-passports in 2007 and e-visas for certain visa categories in the same year. Other countries that have implemented e-passports and e-visas include Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

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Benefits of E-Passports and E-Visas

E-passports and e-visas offer a range of benefits to governments and travelers alike, including:

  1. Enhanced Security: E-passports and e-visas provide more secure identification and reduce the risk of identity theft.

E-Passport Market Competitive Landscape

  • Cardlogic Limited (Ireland)
  • Gemalto NV (the Netherlands)
  • 4G identity solutions private limited (U.A.E)
  • Giesecke & Devrient limited (Germany)
  • Iris Corporation (Malaysia)
  • HID Global Corporation(U.S)
  • Safran identity and security (France)
  • Datacard Group (U.S)
  • Muehlbauer group (Malaysia)

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