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Today there is no disease that cannot be treated. Be it related to any part of the body, medicines and doctors can come to your rescue immediately. Similarly, low sex drive is also treatable. It is a medical condition, which occurs due to various factors and can be treated under proper guidance of a doctor. This condition is known as Inhibited Sexual Desire (ISD). A person with ISD displays only one symptom: low sexual desire. A person with ISD refuses to engage in sexual activity with anyone. It has been observed that they neither respond nor initiate any sexual moves or proposals. This is a common problem faced by new-age couples in metro cities.

There can be two different types of ISD: primary and secondary. If the patient has never developed sexual desire in his or her lifetime, the condition is primary. The secondary condition is when a person begins a relationship with a partner of the opposite sex with a normal drive but has subsequently dropped interest in sexual activity. Sometimes, patients may also develop situational ISD due to stress and strain in the relationship. The patient may have a sexual desire toward others and may be indifferent to his partner. Whatever the case may be, medical guidance by a trained and experienced doctor is essential. Here’s how your doctor can help you regain your interest in sexual activity:

1. Counseling: A doctor can treat ISD through consultation. It has been found that many couples first need marriage counseling to improve their relationship. The training will help couples learn how to express their love and affection towards each other and respect each other’s feelings and emotions. Couples should also know how to vent their anger and resolve problems and differences in their married life. Sexual counseling helps couples learn how to conduct their sexual activities in an interesting way. Then the doctor may prescribe you (in the case of men) some medicines to activate your sex life.

2. Hormone therapy: A woman’s sex drive depends on the effects of sex hormones, especially estrogen. The doctor may prescribe small doses of estrogen to the female patient by prescribing a vaginal cream or a patch of skin to increase blood flow to her genitals, increasing her sensitivity.

3. Lifestyle Changes: A doctor can help you by recommending some lifestyle changes that are adversely affecting your sex life. Doctors are able to find out the activities or events in your daily life — by interacting with you — that is responsible for sexual disgust.

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