Concierge Security Services Victoria


Concierge Security Services Victoria personnel for corporate and commercial buildings, retail stores, and residential properties. We provide highly trained security guards for posts such as concierge, doorman, and receptionist security in offices, to help ensure an environment that is secure and safe. When you require Concierge Security Services for a hotel, office building, or other properties in the industry making sure you have the proper security and safety measures are vital. As the front-line security of your establishment, we make sure that our security personnel are well educated, well-presented, and prepared to handle a variety of situations. We monitor guests’ movements throughout your property and enforce a code of conduct whenever required.

We at Force Response Security, we are aware that the importance of customer service, image brand, and impressions are crucial and we appreciate the importance of professionalism that is required to represent your business. Therefore, you can be sure that your business is safe with us.

We offer customer service and concierge services to a variety of enterprises across Australia and beyond, including:

Commercial and corporate buildings
High-rise residential facilities
Retail outlets with high-end designs
Luxury and upscale hotels and motels

The presence of concierge staff with a background in security is a huge benefits to businesses. Our security concierge guards who are trained have a vast understanding of security systems for buildings and security measures for front-line use and first-aid in emergencies. With a focus on customer service in our concierge service every guard is trained in communication and advisory skills, bolstered by regular training in security and certifications.

Our security guards at the concierge level can offer a welcoming presence that will greet visitors and also help diffuse any undesirable situation that may harm the reputation at your business.

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