CBD- What You Ought Not To Do With It


Sourced from plants like hemp and marijuana, Cannabidiol or CBD is known far and wide for being a non-psychoactive cannabis compound. From oils to creams, gummies to beverages, the market is now full of a variety of easily available CBD products.

As the number of CBD-takers steadily rise, it is becoming more important for people to know what they should NOT be doing while consuming CBD, in any form. Listed below are some things to keep in mind.

Buying CBD Without Researching It

Just because CBD products are all over the store shelves, doesn’t mean you buy one mindlessly. Before buying any CBD-based product, make sure to check its ingredients, for the type of CBD used (full-spectrum, isolate, or others) and its percentage.

Research on the effects of CBD consumption in general, check if it is fit for use given your health condition and medical history (if any). In case of topical products, like CBD oil or cream, always do a little patch test first. This can prevent any unwanted side-effects from CBD intake.

Assuming That CBD Is Always Free From THC

CBD has many types, and the composition of each varies. Full-spectrum CBD, for instance, is known to possess other compounds from hemp and marijuana, including THC (the component credited for giving the user ‘a high’) while CBD isolate is the purest form and typically THC-free.

Legally, less than 0.3% of THC is permissible in CBD-based products as such a small percentage of it cannot produce any psychoactive effects. Even so, if you want a THC-free CBD oil or tablet, remember to check its components before buying it.

Not Checking The Authenticity Of The CBD Brand

As the number of CBD consumers are increasing in the market, so are its suppliers. As such, evaluate the authenticity of the CBD brand and don’t just pounce on the cheapest alternative. Check whether the company’s raw material is legally grown and their finished products are all ‘third-party lab-tested’.

Believing That CBD Can Cure It All

It is true that CBD has many benefits, and is known to ease mental and physical exhaustion. Its anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are CBD’s strongest point. However, that does not mean that a CBD oil will solve your muscle pain problems for good or a CBD cream will clear your face from all acne.

So don’t think CBD to be some magical healing herb as that will only lead to disappointment. Having said that, it is always advised to consult a doctor before consuming CBD for pain-relief or any other medical purpose.


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