Best Authentic Italian Restaurant Adelaide


Taste Italian is the Best Authentic Italian Restaurant Adelaide for Italian Food When it comes to an Italian meal, you can only get the Best authentic. Taste Italian is more than just a venue; it is an experience, a place for families to sit at big tables with pizza, pasta, and vino della casa to share and for friends, colleagues and global visitors to gather and create memories to be cherished. Best Authentic Italian Restaurant Adelaide.


A Tavola was founded in 2007 in bustling Darlinghurst situated on Victoria Street by chef and owner Eugenio Maiale. The Tavola quickly gained a reputation to be one of Sydney’s most prestigious places to eat genuine Italian pasta. Its long table is packed with regular diners and loyal customers who are all enthralled by the simple and honest nature of Eugenio’s cuisine and his love for pasta. The menu is described as primarily “Abruzzese” with a heavy focus on fresh and dried pasta that is made on the premises and cooked according to the specifications. The goal of the chef was to create an unforgettable Italian experience.


Agostinis is much more than an event; it’s something more, it’s a spot for families to gather at large tables and enjoy pizza pasta, and vino Della casa to enjoy as well as for friends, colleagues and international visitors to come together and create memories to cherish. Agostinis can be described as an Italian family-owned restaurant that serves authentic regional food prepared by hand with passion. Fresh pasta is made every day and pizzas hot off our modern Marana Forni pizza oven, and our own gelato!

Alba Salentinian Restaurant

Alba Salentinian Restaurant, is the name of a restaurant that was founded in August of 2019 with the aim of offering the residents of Sydney authentic traditional dishes from the southernmost region of Puglia known as Salento as well as my grandmother’s recipes from her family. All ingredients have been chosen to provide the best Italian experience including the wine, and food not forgetting the crockery, coffee, and even the dishes which all originate from Lecce.

Alfredo’s Restaurant

Alfredo’s Restaurant is the ideal spot to enjoy authentic Italian food. In one of the oldest structures within the town, Alfredo’s offers an interesting menu of classic dishes along with some contemporary innovations. The harmonious fusion of wine, food music, and singing was invented by Alfredo.

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