Bala Krishna-Baby Krishna Statue Standing Carved in Kadam Wood


adiating the pure innocence of a child, causing a heavenly emotion of Vaatsalya (affection) to sprout in our hearts, Bala Krishna, the childhood form of Sri Krishna stands here, in this Bala Krishna Kadamb wood statue– an artist’s reproduction of the incarnation of Vishnu as seen by his mother Yashoda.

Gopala Champu- a mixture of poetry and prose dedicated to the Lilas (divine plays) of Krishna describes the joy of his mother Yashoda, upon first seeing her baby boy. As the Srimad Bhagavata mentions, it was in order to experience the bliss of unconditional maternal affection, that Vishnu assumed a human form, becoming “Yashodanandan”- the son of Yashoda.

Bala Krishna-Baby Krishna Statue
Bala Krishna-Baby Krishna Statue

In this wooden statue, we see Yashoda’s Kanha, the apple of her eyes, flanked by the branches of the Kadamba tree- his eternal abode. With his tresses tied in a neat knot, Krishna’s angelic face appears like the home of all the beauty that can be imagined. Deep lines in making the eyes and lips have brought life into the wood. Exquisite ornamentation beautifies the bare and plum body of baby Krishna, who is accompanied by his favorite bird- the peacocks, who sit near his feet as well as in the branches that surround him.

In his hands, Sri Krishna holds his flute and what appears to be a lump of butter (Makhan). A Karadhani (waist belt) with bells hangs around Krishna’s small waist. It is a common practice for Indian mothers to tie a belt or thread with bells around the waist of their children so that they can keep a track of their movement. Now imagine this- The great preserver of the Universe, Vishnu who controls the passage of time, monitored by the motherly warmth of Yashoda (as Krishna), as he runs through the house, with his tiny lotus feet. The divine power of a mother’s love!

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