Awesome Fall Festival Ideas for Churches to Get Everyone Involved


Fall is a beautiful time in the world. The leaves change color, pumpkins get carved and put on display, and there are tons of seasonal activities to enjoy. One activity that is always popular during the Fall season is church festivals. In this blog article, you’ll find some ideas for churches to get everyone involved.

What are the Fall Festival Ideas?

Church fall festivals are a great way to get everyone involved. Here are some awesome ideas for churches to get everyone involved:

  • -Have a pumpkin carving contest.
  • -Have a hayride with games and prizes.
  • -Host a corn maze.
  • -Have a harvest festival with games, crafts, and food.
  • -Create an apple or pumpkin patch with swings, a sandbox, and more.
  • -Have a masquerade ball with costumes and activities for the kids.

Your Church’s Fall Festival

Church fall festivals are a great way to get everyone involved and excited for the season. There are plenty of fall festival ideas for church out there. But we’ve put together a few that are sure to get your congregation excited.

  1. Pumpkin Patch Festival: This is the perfect festival for smaller churches who don’t have enough space to hold an entire festival. Set up a small area in the back of the church where visitors can pick out their own pumpkins while listening to music. You can also sell pumpkin patches made by your congregation members.
  2. Craft Fair: This is another great option for smaller churches who don’t have enough room to host an entire festival. Host a craft fair at the church instead, and sell items made by your congregation members or sale items from local businesses. You can also set up a bake sale or food court to complement your craft fair.
  3. Fall Faire: A fall faire is a large event that can accommodate churches of all sizes. setup an outdoor area in the yard of your church and sell items such as apple pies, apple cider, crafts, and candy apples.

How to turn your church into a successful fall festival?

Fall festivals are a great way to get your church involved in the community, and they’re also a great way to raise money. Here are some ideas for Fall festivals that can be done at your church:

  • -A food festival with different foods from around the world
  • -A hayride festival with different rides available
  • -A pumpkin carving contest
  • -An autumn craft fair
  • -A kids’ costume parade
  • -A pumpkin patch


Tips for other churches looking to get involved in the fall festival season

Here are some tips for other churches looking to get involved in the fall festival season.

  1. Get together with like-minded churches and form a consortium. This will allow you to share resources, save on costs, and better coordinate your events.
  2. Consider incorporating fall festivals into your regular worship schedule. This will help keep attendees engaged throughout the year, and it can be a great way to attract new members.
  3. Think outside the box when it comes to fall festival ideas. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun and engage with your congregation while also teaching biblical truths.
  4. Be creative! Fall festivals offer an opportunity to show off your parish’s personality and make a lasting impression on visitors. Try something new this year and see what happens!


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