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Bimbisara’ review: Does Kalyan Ram end his drought run?

Kalyan Ram’s long drought at the box office seems to have ended now. His latest release ‘Bimbisara’ has given him and audiences much-needed relief after a series of flop shows in theatres. The film is about a story of an ancient kingdom named Trigartala, which dates back to 500 BC. Bimbisara, is an egoist king (played by Kalyan Ram) yet ruthless in his own way. He rules and goes by his rulebook. Bimbisara doesn’t spare children or women to attain whatever he wants. How this dreadful ancient king travels in time to the present world of the 21st century? What made him travel in time? How Subramanya Sastry (played by Vivan Bhatena) awaits the arrival of Bimbisara to unlock the secret treasure? — tells the story in a complete circle.


Although the film is loosely inspired by Magadha king Bimbisara who ruled the present-day south Bihar and Ganges plain in the period 500 BC., the filmmaker Vasishta weaved a fictional story taking the character from the Haryanka dynasty. ‘A Time Travel From Evil To Good’ — the caption of the title gives a glimpse of how the film is backed by a story of time travel.

Even though Bimbisara is portrayed as a cruel and most frightening character on the screen, none would know how the actual king of ancient times was. And what had he done? The character in the film kills his own brother to attain the kingdom.

The director is successful enough to set the right mood in depicting the ancient kingdom, their attire, language. Visual effects have upped the gradient along with other cinematic tropes. But to slay it down, the comedy is entertaining in parts. A few emotional sequences too fare better. Blending commercial elements with sci-fiction fantasy needs a knack. Not many could master it. Playing up too many commercial elements in the second half dented the chances of becoming a good story. After a dull market with a series of flops at the box office, Kalyan Ram’s ‘Bimbisara’ gave the investors some respite. But it might not stay for too long.


Kalyan Ram does his best to play the negative shade character. Catherine Tresa has impressed fans as a princes, but then nothing so meaty to boast about. Character artiste Srinivas Reddy has put up a great show. He brings his signature style of lighting up the mood. You may like comedy bangs that worked out reasonably well. Prakash Raj, Rajeev Kanakala, Vennela Kishore — three good acting geniuses went waste with poor characterisation. Samyuktha Menon is confined to a small role.


Hasty ending

Insipid characterisations


Science fiction with fantasy elements

Background score



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