An Industrial Area Or Workspace Is Illuminated By Lighting Fixtures


Electrical Lighting Fixtures that hold bulbs (lamps) and connect them to the power source are known as lights. The intended use, light fixture type, bulb type, and electrical requirements are among the crucial parameters. Lights (fixtures) are utilised for illumination in commercial, residential, and industrial settings. Indoor and outdoor styles, emergency lighting, task lighting, recessed fixtures, hazardous location fixtures, and other variations are all available for lights. Many have artistic qualities while others are just functional. Luminaires are another name for Lighting Fixtures.

In industrial settings or workplaces, lighting fixtures create artificial light. They are electrical apparatuses that contain one or more lamps and produce light. Most are made to work with lamps that are made of fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, light-emitting diode (LED), mercury, metal halide, sodium, or xenon.

Types of Light Fixtures

  • Architectural Luminaires
  • Strobe/Flashing Lights
  • Spotlights/Floodlights
  • Desk/Task Lights
  • Pilot/Indicating/Tower Lamps
  • Work lights
  • Emergency/Egress Lighting
  • Underwater Lights
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Lights
  • String Lights


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