A Nasal Cannula (NC) Is A Device That Delivers Supplemental Oxygen And Increased Airflow To Patients Or People In Need


The need for nasal patency and the unpredictability of the fractional concentration of oxygen in inspired gas with oral vs nasal breathing are two constraints of the Nasal Cannula method. The nasopharyngeal mucosa can become dry from prolonged use of nasal cannulas at high flow rates, so source oxygen should be moistened. Formerly known as the high-flow nasal cannula, this improved version of the standard nasal cannula had three channels and was capable of delivering flows of up to 15 L/min, which is likely equivalent to an effective fractional concentration of oxygen in inspired gas of up to about 50–70%. This Nasal Cannula, often known as the Hudson nasal cannula, is made by Hudson RCI. The heatedhigh-flow nasal cannula (HFNC), which can produce flows of up to 60 L/min, should not be confused with this.

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