A Byproduct Of The Processing Of Natural Gas And Refined Oil Is Propylene, Also Known As Propene


The colourless gas known as Propylene is an organic molecule. It is a flammable hydrocarbon that is frequently used as fuel. The majority of propylene is obtained from the processing of petroleum. Propylene’s molecular weight is 42.08 g/mol and its chemical formula is C3H6. Propyne is another name for propylene.

Propylene is a gas, however it is typically transported as a liquid. Propylene does not change from its gaseous state to its liquid state by a decrease in temperature but rather by an increase in pressure. This makes it possible to hold more propylene in a container while maintaining the same volume.

Propylene and propane, which is also transported as a liquid, are quite similar. Both fuel gases emit equal amounts of BTUs and have an odour, but propylene naturally possesses one and propane uses an addition. Propane and propylene have different combustion properties. Propylene burns hotter than propane because each of its molecules contains a double bond.

Moreover, polymers like polypropylene, which is utilised in storage tanks, furniture, shipping goods, and automobile parts, are made from propylene. Another application for propylene is as a refrigerant.

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