8 Benefits Why You Need A Body Massage


 8 Benefits Why You Need A Body Massage

With myriads of benefits of full body massage, there are so many reasons for you to get one today. It gives you a soothing, relaxing experience and plays a significant role in making your skin glowing and healthy. This is not the only benefit of a full body massage; the list is quite exhaustive. So, with this article, we will share some of the unheard benefits of a full body massage. if you are willing to rejuvenate yourself? then we are here to serve, as we are the Best Spa In Udaipur.


Unknown Benefits of Full Body Massage


Let’s understand some of the less-known benefits of having a massage.

1. Enhances Skin Health– Massage plays a significant role in improving the health of your skin. A massage therapist’s hand rinsed in lotions & oils causes a gentle exfoliation, allowing the fresh skin to emerge while eliminating the dead skin cells and increasing blood circulation. This improved circulation ensures that the red blood cells bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin, resulting in glowing skin.

2. Nervous System Relaxation – A body massage gives you maximum relaxation from pain and tension due to excessive pressure on the nervous system caused by tight muscles. You get a simple nervous system and better hormone levels with a good body massage. You feel good when stress-causing hormones like corticosteroids (LDL) decrease and happy hormones like endorphins increase. Overall, massage has many positive effects on overall wellbeing.

3. Musculoskeletal Benefits – When muscles relax, fresh blood enters that brings fresh oxygen and nutrition. The massage therapist incorporates some stretching movements to help mobilize the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons for the range of motion.

4. Lymphatic Detox – Lymphatic system is vital in balancing the fluids and functions of the immune system. A large group of these lymph nodes is located in the neck, armpits, and groin. A massage therapist focuses on flushing blood through the tissue and muscles. It also drains the lymphatic system, where the dead cell and waste products are filtered out from lymph nodes, draining the lymph system and possibly reducing the edema from specific body parts. So if you want such benefits, you must visit the massage spa at Cunningham road.

5. Improved Bone Blood Flow – It may be surprisingly new to you, but it’s a fact that the bones have a blood supply vessel that gets an excellent advantage from massage. The calcium and minerals in bones increase through the blood flow, ultimately enhancing bone strength.

6. Healthy Heart – A full body massage is indeed an excellent way to increase the health of your heart. Massage produces vasodilation which increases your venous return, improving blood flow while delivering oxygen to different body organs. The entire cardiovascular system gets relaxed and functions appropriately. Moreover, activating the parasympathetic nervous system helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate.

7. Digestive Wellbeing – Certain massage techniques improve the metabolism and the digestive system of the body by releasing crucial enzymes. Stress takes a toll on the digestive system, and body massage increases the health of how your body processes food & nutrients. The nervous system regulates digestion by producing sufficient gastric juice, saliva, and insulin.

8. Improved Breathing – At the start of the massage, the therapist may ask you to take a deep breath that helps reduce stress. Moreover, the muscles in the neck, chest, and ribs assist in breathing. Breathing becomes restricted when the body muscles are stressed, and due to a busy schedule, the tension in the shoulder, neck, and chest muscles increases. With a good massage on these tensed muscles, the breathing deepens and evens out. Plus, any stiff muscle type also gets relaxed and assists in respiration.

Types of Body Massage for Health Benefits

There are many different types of body massage, but we are going to discuss the most effective one that suits your body requirements.

 Swedish Massage is one of the most favorite massages beneficial for tense muscles with medium pressure. It helps increase blood circulation, increases breathing, and decreases stress or anxiety. Swedish massage is very effective in dealing with cold/flu issues.

● Indian Head Massage  It is an ancient treatment practiced in India for thousands of years. It aims to improve the scalp & hair quality by focusing on the head, neck, and shoulders.

● Deep Tissue Massage involves putting intense pressure with a slow stroke while focusing on the pain point areas to lighten the body & soul. Deep tissue massage is used to treat musculoskeletal issues caused by any sports injury, strain, or fastening after-gym recovery.

● Traditional Thai Massage The traditional Thai massage gives a deep, energizing & relaxing experience that involves stretching and gentle pressure for enhanced flexibility.

Ready to Take Your First Full Body Massage?

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